Who is N.Y.A.M.?


Hello! My name is Mikey and I am Not Your Average Millennial!


Currently, I work as a shift supervisor at a popular coffee-chain. My story is a roller coaster of sorts. I have hit rock bottom before and I know what it is like to have nothing and not know where your next meal is going to come from. I am originally from Queens, NYC, but recently move down to South Carolina because I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. This change led to wanting to change even more things in my life. Mainly I wanted to change the way I earn a living. I know deep down that I am not meant to work for an employer for the rest of my life.

Another thing is that I am very distrustful of government and I am an anarchist at heart. I strongly feel that no man has the right to rule over another man. For this reason I believe the government/state to be irrelevant and that with the right knowledge all men can control their own destiny, create their own reality and should take 100{de1724e584064e363723d4aed123ef967e24196cdfa4db13556f4d3514e5e174} responsibility for their lives.

My story can be summed up in one sentence: “I am a millennial who is bent on finding freedom in an unfree world.”


I feel that if I can show people an alternative way of life, the world can improve itself. People can learn to be independent of authority and learn to live the American Dream the way it was meant to be lived: WITH LIBERTY AND FREEDOM PROVIDED THAT YOU DON’T DEPRIVE ANYONE ELSE OF THEIR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.

I want people to be able to achieve the goals they want so that they can provide a better life for their families.

My philosophy is that if people are able to attain freedom (financially and spiritually), they will be motivated to want to help other people achieve the same thing, which will develop into a domino effect of people living their dreams.

As long as people can still dream, they can take the steps to live their dreams.

The point is that there is always another way to live and that life is not just one way. This site will help you get there.

We will cover all things liberty, freedom, and self-sufficiency. Topics will include cryptocurrency, energy independence, precious metals, making money online and much more.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!


Mikey a.k.a. NotYourAverageMillennial


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