The Trivium Series

The TRIVIUM is a liberal arts form of education, also known as classical education. Rather than teaching others what to think, applying the Trivium shows us how to learn. There are three stages of the Trivium:

1) GRAMMAR (Knowledge) – This is when information is taken in through observation and book knowledge. It asks the questions “Who”, “What”, “When” and “Where”.

2) LOGIC (Understanding) – This is when the information taken in is scrutinized and processed critically. This asks “Why” and “How”. In the modern day schooling system, students are not being encouraged to scrutinize or think critically about what they’re taught, merely to accept with question.

3) RHETORIC (Wisdom) – Now that you have understood completely the information that you have taken in and processed, you can know share what you have learned with others through your own understanding and encourage them to learning using the Trivium method.

With the Trivium, we can learn about any topic at our own pace. Then once we have a grasp on a subject, we can speak on what we have learned.

The TRIVIUM Series is a series of writings where we ask questions and then use the Trivium method of learning to understand these topics and come to a rational explanation that will make it easier to share this information with others.

  1. How Does Currency Work?
  2. Government is an Organized Religion
  3. The Hypnotic Light Show