The Trivium Series: The Hypnotic Light Show

Hello. My name is Mike and I am Not YourAverage Millennial.

Before you read tonight’s post, I need you to ask yourself a question and think on it:

“Do You Know That You Don’t Know?”

Now you may be wondering what do I mean. I am asking you if you are aware that what you think you know is wrong. Maybe a better way to put it is that you don’t know the half of it.

To the average person this physical realm is reality. This same person may also believe their to be a spiritual/metaphysical realm, but most of their attention is in the physical realm. But are we just lumps of clay or are we more than that?

In the edition of the Trivium Series, I will to the best of my ability, break down as simply as possible, using the Trivium method of education, how physical reality could be a bit more than you think it is. I will try to show you how this 3-dimensional world is just one big hypnotic light show.

Grammar Stage: Do We Know That We Don’t Know

Now when encountering new information, or at least alternative, rather than mainstream information, It is natural for the average person to dismiss what they hear just because it doesn’t clash with their line of thinking.

I have to ask you that before you continue on reading this that you take in the information in this post and then cross-check with your own research and study. I am merely proposing some food for thought in order to free your mind. Remember, liberated minds build a liberated society. I’m not stating that what I speak on tonight is 100{de1724e584064e363723d4aed123ef967e24196cdfa4db13556f4d3514e5e174} truth, I am just merely presenting the information while using critical thinking along with you in order for you to better process it.

Also, I must mention that all that I speak on tonight is not anything that I came up with on my own. This is based on the research of others.

So just stay with me as we take this journey.

So here are some statements that I would like you to give some thought:

“We are not our physical bodies”

“Everything in this reality is just light”

“You are under a hypnotic trance.”

“This reality is powered by emotional energy.”

“Virtually everything in this reality is a trinity.”

“All letters, numbers, shapes, sounds, colors, and thoughts are all part of the hypnotic light show.”

“Neither time nor space are real.”

This is going to go into some deep waters and I remind you that there is a chance you will brush off what I say as nonsense. But instead will we take each statement and use our critical thinking to come up with a rational explanation for each.

Logic Stage: What Should We Know?

Let’s look at statement #1: “We are not our physical bodies.”

What is everything in this physical reality made up of? Atoms. These atoms have subatomic particles: protons, neutrons and electrons (Trinity! More on this later). Now look at the word electron. Right off the bat, this would remind you of the word ‘electric’. Electricity is what gives us light. On top of that, these electrons spin around the proton and the neutrons at the speed of LIGHT. As we continue on, you will see why I found this fascinating.

When atoms form chemical bonds, they become molecules. The simplest example of this is when two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom for a chemical bond to create water molecules.

Now let’s go to statement #2: “Everything in this reality is just light.”

Maybe we can open our minds to us being primarily made of bioelectricity. Allow me to give you something to chew on:

When you’re operating within this five sense reality, the sensation that you experience cause neurons to fire ELECTRIC signals, which are called nerve impulses, to the synapse. Or how about this: Cells communicate with each other using ELECTRIC signals as well. Did you know that at rest, the human body produces 100 watts of electricity? This actually makes sense when you keep in mind that this all goes back to the atom, which gives off a positive CHARGE (proton), a negative CHARGE (electron) and no CHARGE (neutron).

Since everything in the physical world is made up of these atoms, this means that everything from a star, to a tree, to an animal, to a human being are made of these electric charges at the root. This is where energy comes to mind. Energy is the light that keeps us committed to the hypnotic light show, which makes sense because in this reality, we are made of the stuff that is keeping us under a hypnotic trance. Which leads us to statement #3:

“You are under a hypnotic trance.”

Now you may be thinking: “what is he talking about? I’m not under any hypnotic trance.” Yes this sounds preposterous, but I’m not speaking on a hypnotic trance like a stage hypnotist. I mean that when you put emotional energy (no matter what the emotion is) into this physical reality, you are under the trance of the hypnotic light show. This brings us to statement #4:

“This reality is powered by emotional energy.”

When you believe that the reality you exist in is real and all that matters. you will put your emotional energy it. Have you ever got excited about something, just to be emotionally drained when the something you were excited about didn’t come through? Have you ever been afraid of something that you are tense all day? That tension, worry and fear keeps you locked into the hypnotic trance. It has you locked into something that is not real.

I will show you are real life example. In politics, you are usually given a choice between Republican and Democrat. The average person places a lot of emotional energy through its attention and reactions. It also doesn’t matter which side you choose, because in the end both parties are controlled meaning that it doesn’t mean anything. Yet millions of people allow themselves to be emotionally manipulated by this folly.

In sports, you are given two teams to cheer for. Although this wouldn’t seem like a big deal it seems draining to spend emotional and physical energy to cheer or jeer a team of a game that doesn’t mean anything. Most likely these sporting events are rigged, but I digress.

Then there is religion. You are given God and Satan. It doesn’t matter who you root for as long as within this reality you are rooting for someone. But it is still all coming from the same place. This is what keeping the hypnotic light show going.

“Virtually everything in this reality is a trinity.”

If you thought that what we discussed was strange, get ready to enter the Twilight Zone:

When you hear the word ‘trinity’, the most common answer would be the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

While this is true, there are many other trinities as well, but let us start with the original trinity. You guessed it: proton, neutron and electron.

PROTON is the “Father”

NEUTRON is the “Son”

ELECTRON is the “Holy Spirit” (can also be labeled as the mother as well)

I find it interesting that the electron can relate to the Holy Spirit. It is the electron that gives life to the atom when it spins around the nucleus. It is also the electron that houses the proton and the neutron. Could it be possible that we are all living in a realm of spinning electrons that give life to the hypnotic light show? This would definitely add some credence to the hypnotic light show idea.

“All letters, numbers, colors, shapes sounds, and thoughts are part of the hypnotic light show.”

Let’s take a look at some other trinities:

– LINE, ANGLE, CURVE (The Trinity of Letters, Numbers, and Shapes)

When you look at how a number or letter is written, notice that at their basic levels, you will find line, angles and curves. An ‘A’ is composed of an ANGLE and a LINE (or just three LINES to break it down further), ‘B’ is a LINE and two curves, ‘C’ is just a CURVE. The number ‘1’ is an ANGLE, ‘2’ a CURVE and an ANGLE, and so on.

All shapes consist of lines, angles and curves as well. Which leads us to another trinity:

– CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE (The Original Shapes)

The circle is a CURVE enclosed. The square is four LINES (and four ANGLES). The triangle is three LINES (and three ANGLES). All shapes come from one of these originals:

1) TRIANGLES are the progeny of pyramids, diamonds, and stars

2) SQUARES are the progeny of cubes, rectangles, and parallelograms

3) CIRCLES are the progeny of spheres, ovals and hearts.

– RED, GREEN, BLUE (The Primary Colors)

This is another way the hypnotic light show operates. There is color in all 3-dimensional reality. These are the three colors that can make up either BLACK (subtractive mixing) OR WHITE (additive mixing). Now let’s take this a step further:

BLACK and WHITE are polar opposites. One may represent good while the other represents evil. But if we are speaking in terms of the hypnotic light show, then we can go back to a suggestive clue as to what this reality is about. It is about choosing a side in this hypnotic trance, which is not real. It is about getting you to emotionally invest in this realm, keeping you in the trance. Remember, it doesn’t matter which side you choose, just as long as you choose one

– TONE, VOLUME, RHYTHM (The Sound Trinity)

All music is part of the hypnotic trance. TONE relates to the pitch, low or high, of vocal or musical sounds. VOLUME relates to how loud are the sounds. RHYTHM is how fast or slow are the beats. With these three components, you get all sounds, not just music.

“Neither time nor space are real.”

Well this starts to make sense when you realize that time is a measure of the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE (Trinity!) which is measure in NUMBER. There is no time because there is no PAST (because it’s gone) and FUTURE (because it hasn’t arrived). In order to concern yourself with the PAST or the FUTURE, you would have to fall into thought, which is light energy though neurons firing electric signals to the synapse within the brain. Yes thoughts are also part of the hypnotic trance because when your thoughts are away from the PRESENT moment, you are in the trance.

Space is also not real. It is measured using LENGTH, HEIGHT and WIDTH (Trinity!) It uses shapes and numbers in its measurements, which we have stated are nothing but LINES, ANGLES, and CURVES. All remember that all originated from a beam of light.

We Must Be The Neutron

What was the first thing that God created. Light! From there all other things were created. Whether you are a bible believer or not, and you have been following the post up to this point, this is not too strange to understand.

Everything is made of atoms, which consist of electrons spinning around the proton and neutron, which combine with other atoms to form molecules, that give us elements that make up the physical realm.

Also, going back to the Original Trinity, let’s focus on the NEUTRON. The neutron has no electric charge. The neutron represents the Son, who we are told in the bible is Jesus Christ. Some quotes of Christ that may connect with the qualities of the neutron:

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” ROMANS 12:2

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” 1 JOHN 2:15-16.

The neutron (Son) receives no thrill from the things of this world. He is neutral. The physical realm is not what people should be emotionally invested in.

As far as what the Father symbolizes to me is that it is about our original state of being where we know all. The could be called the Eternal State of Awareness or the Eternal State of Wisdom. This is when we see the world for what it is but not live in fear or get caught up in greed.

Rhetoric Stage: A New Perspective to Build On

So we covered a lot of ground on this post. So let us now summarize:

Everything in physical reality is made up of atoms, which consists of protons, neutrons and electrons that spin around the nucleus of the atom rapidly. These electrons are light particles which at the source is what all physical reality is organically composed of. Everything is electric.

If we think of this realm in terms of a giant atom, it wouldn’t be off base to suggest that there are electrons spinning around us in the very spot we are sitting. This lends even more credence to the hypnotic light show. Since we are also made of this light energy, our emotional investment into this realm keeps us under its hypnotic trance. When we give time, attention, and emotion to things like politics, sports, and religion, we are firing our electric energy through our emotions into the hypnotic illusion, locking us in, making us believe it to be real.

All light energy can be broken into Trinities that consists of the components of this trance:

– Line, Angle, Curve (Shapes, letters, numbers)

– Tone, Volume, Rhythm (Sound, music)

– Circle, Square, Triangle (Original Shapes)

– Red, Green, Blue (Primary Colors that can make either BLACK or WHITE)

– Past, Present, Future (Time)

– Length, Height, Width (Space)

These all come from light energy.

I ask you to introspect on what we discussed because it is a heavy topic. Feel free to leave your comments and questions.

And as always……..#LIVE4LIBERTY





8 thoughts on “The Trivium Series: The Hypnotic Light Show

  1. Jaime

    I am a very open-minded person, and I appreciate metaphysicial philosophies that help create a sort of guide for happiness in life. This is a great article that could definitely open minds. I tend to lean towards a more spiritual understanding for myself, but you’re absolutely right that it’s all about vibrations and it essentially comes back to the same idea.

    1. Mikey Somersall

      You got it Jaime! When you look at our reality EVERYTHING consists of shape, color and sound which all goes back to light. On top of that, science even admitted that human beings could only perceive 4{de1724e584064e363723d4aed123ef967e24196cdfa4db13556f4d3514e5e174} of the Universe, which is known as the visible light spectrum. The other 96{de1724e584064e363723d4aed123ef967e24196cdfa4db13556f4d3514e5e174} is composed of dark matter and dark energy. So this hypnotic light show that we are bound to is only a small portion of what true reality is. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Norman


    Thanks for this extremely in-depth article. I read somewhere that there is a real possibility that there is more than one “Uni”verse – that there are, in fact “Multi”verses. Does this fit in with what you are explaining in terms of what we are able to perceive with regards to the “light show”?

    I’m going to go through the article a few more times…real food for thought – thanks!


    1. Mikey Somersall

      Hello Norman. Yes there are theories out there that speak of multiple universes and parallel worlds. However if the topic I spoke of turns out to be closer to the truth, then that would put the multiverse theory to rest. It would just be another part of the hypnotic trance. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ravihansa Rajapakse

    I really like the concepts you bring forward. This is an interesting read. You know, I believe NOT knowing what one does not know is the ultimate sin that we can commit.
    I like to read on the spirituality.
    Have you ever read The Road Less Travelled? If not, I would like to recommend that one as it changed my life for good!
    You gave me a great overview of the topic with a unique and a challenging perspective. Keep up the good work!

    1. Mikey Somersall

      Hello Ravihansa. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I agree with what you say in a sense but I would take it up a notch and say that ignorance is more if the ultimate sin. It’s one thing to not know. It’s another thing to not know and not want to know.

      To be honest with you, I haven’t yet read The Road Less Traveled. Perhaps I’ll give that a read and write a review here on the site. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Glenys

    HI Mike,
    Thanks for this thought provoking article on the hypnotic light show that we call “living on earth”. You made some great points here to get our minds thinking. Professor Steven Hawking passed away recently and he was starting to create theories along these same “giant hologram” lines as well. Perhaps what you say is true, maybe “Everything in this reality is just light”. I was just wondering if you think that the food we eat is just light as well?

    1. Mikey Somersall

      Hi Glenys! What you say make sense in terms of what we take in being light, because light is energy and when we consume foods, they contain energy as well. So the answer to your question is yes.

      Thanks for the comment!

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