N.Y.A.M. Recommended Reading – Busting Loose From the Money Game

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In today’s post I will be doing something different from the norm. I will be offering a review on a book that I recommend for those who are on the path to liberty. Today, I will be reviewing the book “Busting Loose From the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld. This is an inexpensive book that can be purchased from Amazon.

N.Y.A.M. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What This Book is Not

To give you an idea of what to expect from this book, allow me to tell you what this book is not so that when you make the decision to read it, you won’t get the wrong idea.

1) This is NOT a book on how to “get-rich-quick”. You won’t receive a sales pitch on ways of how to make millions of dollars in a short amount of time. Those of you looking for that in this book will be disappointed.

2) This is NOT a book on how to never have to pay for anything again. Although this seems nice, if you are looking for that type of book, then this is not for you. The truth is unless it has the word ‘FREE’ on it something will always have a cost.

3) This is NOT a “how to start your own business” book.

4) This is NOT a typical finance/economics book. This book will not touch on stocks, bonds, investing, mutual funds, 401k’s or IRA’s

OK. So Then What is the Book About?

This book touches on how one can change their thinking and the words they use in order to express True Freedom. Scheinfeld gets brutally honest by telling us one thing: “You can’t win the Money Game.” And you know what? He’s absolutely right. But this is not because we aren’t smart enough or we don’t have the skills to do it. It is for one simple reason: The Money Game is designed to be unwinnable. And once again, he is absolutely right.

Scheinfeld touches on his personal life in this book by telling his readers that he has gone through “peak and valley” type scenarios while building businesses. He would have great success, but then the next go-round he would hit a point of failure, even when he thought he was doing everything right.

The truth is this book is more about self-improvement, positive thinking, and shifting your paradigm to the point where you are controlling your life rather than letting life control you.

One of the things that really caught my interest in this book is how he tells us that the universe is holographic and that we are in control of what we project into our reality. Now for many people this will be hard to understand because so many people are under the impression that there is some outside force that is controlling their lives, whether it be God or coincidence.

Scheinfeld makes one thing clear within this book and that is “We are creating everything that we experience and we can take back that power anytime we want.”

Why is it Called “The Money Game”?

BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS! This will be even harder for people to believe. You may have heard throughout all your life that life is not a game and that it is serious. The problem with this way of thinking is that it causes stress and doubt and then because of your thinking, life controls you instead of you controlling it.

At the end of the day, the book isn’t about money (although he uses money throughout the book as an attention-grabber). It’s about reclaiming the power that you thought you didn’t possess. The Money Game is really The Life Game. It is about conquering the discomfort that you feel, whatever the situation may be, applying a process which must be practiced continually and expressing appreciation every chance you get.

From Phase 1 to Phase 2 to Appreciation

Scheinfeld also explains the difference between two phases:

Phase 1 is the about limitations. This is the phase that a majority of society is in right now. By being stuck in Phase 1 many people experience fear, stress, and never take the quantum leap to make positive changes in their life. They remain held back so to speak. This includes paying money for something. This keeps people in the mindset of “Can I afford that?”

Phase 2 is about breaking the limitations that held you back in Phase 1. This is where he goes into detail about applying The Process which he labels as opportunities to take your power back and “bust loose” so to speak. Again, this does not have to be just about money. You can apply this to any aspect of your life where you are feeling discomfort within.

Another key element of this book is the importance of expressing appreciation. One great example is when he talks about the chores of paying bills. He suggests changing your words from ‘paying bills’ to ‘expressing appreciation’. I find this to be a clever personally and a more positive approach to having to give up money for anything.


For those who choose to walk down the path of liberty, I highly recommend this book. What I really like about this book is that it puts the responsibility on you to make the change you want to see in your life.

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8 thoughts on “N.Y.A.M. Recommended Reading – Busting Loose From the Money Game

  1. Festus

    Hi Mike. I’m thrilled, thanks for this wonderful review.

    No, i haven’t read the book, but i feel the need to give an opinion, reflecting on what you’ve shared and how true it is.

    I’m reminded of the need to always be intentional, proactive and forward moving. It’s all in the attitude and the understanding of how things work-in this case money, and to a larger extent, life!

    Paying bills to expressing appreciation, i think that’s a wonderful suggestion which i’ll begin to practice

    Thanks for the information you have shared, i’ll definitely be back to learn some more.


    1. Mikey Somersall

      Yes Festus this is a fascinating book. Definitely for those who are interested in solidifying liberty within the mind. I do suggest reading this book to get a really good idea of this thinking. But it does touch on appreciation being a key to changing your mind. I greatly appreciate your comment!


  2. Modesty

    I’ve never heard of this book before but your post has awoken my curiosity. Now I’m definitely going to have to read it
    Thanks for the review Mike

  3. Dave

    Hi Mike,

    This sounds like a fascinating read, I am always interested in ways in which we can make changes to our lives by looking at things from a different perspective.

    This book seems to illustrate how we can achieve this, thank you for a wonderful review and giving an insight into the contents of this book.

    I definitely think it is worth a purchase.


    1. Mikey Somersall

      Yes Dave. Most certainly a recommended read. I have read it three times so far and plan on reading it a fourth. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Andrew Adams

    Thanks for the review, an enjoyable read.

    I love books like this and am always on the lookout for more, I’ll definitely check it out.

    Have you read ‘secrets of the millionaire mind’ by T. Harv Eker? or the four hour work week by Tim Ferris?
    I think you’d enjoy them.

    1. Mikey Somersall

      Hello Andrew. Yes I have read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and I plan on reading it a second time. The Four Hour Word Week I have not read yet but I have the e-book and plan on reading it soon.

      Yes I highly recommend Scheinfeld’ s book for anyone looking to have a different mindset about life.

      Thanks for the comment!

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